Lounge chair & ottoman
by Draga & Aurel

Draga Obradovic and Aurel K. Basedow have an eclectic background that ranges from fashion to art, décor to crafts. Their career began with the reinvention of vintage pieces, leading to the design of collections of contemporary products of great expressive impact, created for some of the most important brands on the international furniture design scene. Constant, lively experimentation with the use of materials and colors is a leitmotif that guides the process of their creations.


Fashion, which has always been one of Draga’s great passions, has been the main source of inspiration for Aurora, the lounge chair whose structure suggests the sculptural profiles of certain women’s sandals, with covering informed by the elegant weaves and soft folds of leather, enhancing handbags and pochettes. The designers have focused on a sinuous silhouette, in the spirit of Sixties design, capable of bringing out the manufacturing prowess of the company.


A lounge chair with curved, well-balanced organic forms. Its primary value lies in the engineering of the solid wood structure. A fertile dialogue between the designers and the in-house research and development team has led to a product that is solid but visually light and slender at the same time. The preliminary ergonomic studies and the aesthetic code identified for the model guided the prototyping, leading to selection of the ideal technology. The results can be admired in the maximum slimming of the cross-sections of the wood, in the point where the levers cross, and in the extreme extension of the legs, which become a decisive architectural sign, thanks to a metal core.


The remarkable innovation, the dynamic design, the padding and the refined coverings, effectively convey the values of Opera Contemporary: craftsmanship, the great tradition of woodworking, attention to detail, a bespoke approach and investment in innovative technologies.