A classic revisited to adapt to the modern lifestyle

Modular sofas are like small transformable worlds within universes in motion, which can be reshaped and adapted according to changing needs and wishes. Finding harmony between each element of a welcoming living room is the secret to achieving the authentic beauty of timeless style. The Cosmo sectional seating system is a staple of Opera Contemporary’s offer, and it has been recently restyled to celebrate the brand’s love for classic woodworking.


Undeniably elegant, the formal sobriety of the Cosmo sofa is softened by the indulgent padding and the tactile quality of the luxury fabrics chosen for the range. The original version of the Cosmo sofa is embellished by characteristic diamond-shaped stitching at the back, and a metal frame that envelops the seat while providing a gleam of light for a seductive allure.


In Opera Contemporary’s new furniture collection, wood becomes the hero in an ongoing dialogue with other precious materials. The New Cosmo sofa is a celebration of the brand’s unrivalled craftsmanship: the external structure is now also available in solid wood, with a triangular section profile and smooth backrest; this gives a new refinement to the modular sofa, which easily adjusts to any versatile modern lifestyle.


The Cosmo and New Cosmo sofas are available in the classic two- and three-seater versions, or as sectional sofas with eight different modules that encourage various combinations and a fluid arrangement of shapes. For its sectional sofa range, Opera Contemporary selects inviting materials, with nuanced, sinuous forms that seem to embrace both space and people, and which have the agility and flexibility to satisfy the demands of contemporary living.