A new starting point for contemporary furniture

Opera Contemporary celebrates its Tenth Anniversary with a new video dedicated to its ten most representative proposals and prepares to welcome the forthcoming decade with new enthusiasm and energy. An important milestone, but also a new starting point for stylistic development and strategic growth. 

After ten years of reinterpreting contemporary furniture thanks to a unique approach that draws inspiration from the traditional manufacturing expertise of Made in Italy, Opera Contemporary starts a new chapter full of changes and transformations while remaining constant to the values that have always distinguished its attitude.

Attention to innovation and technology and passion for woodworking have been two of the distinctive features of Opera Contemporary during the last 10 years and will continue to guide the brand’s evolution in the next decades. 

The result is an exclusive design approach revealed in  the elegant furniture pieces of the brand.

To enhance the essential lines of contemporary furniture piece Opera Contemporary adopts special techniques and tools such as a special mould and countermould procedure and a pantograph, which traces refined patterns in the wood.

Through the reinterpretation of these techniques the brand creates cohesion in the interior proposals.

The brand’s commitment to quality is reflected in the precious details that enhance the proposals of the brand. Haute couture techniques such as deep-button upholstery and quilting decorate the soft lines of the seats and other pieces to convey the refined stylistic language of Opera Contemporary.

A sartorial attitude that will continue to guide the brand in the upcoming years.