Aurora, the first novelty of 2021

Aurora breaks with tradition. The new lounge chair, born from Opera Contemporary’s first collaboration with acclaimed design duo Draga & Aurel, expresses an essential desire for absolute freedom, whilst maintaining a strong link with the intimate routine of private life. Curved and measured organic shapes convey a strong presence that is striking for its lightness and the calibrated thickness of the softly padded leather

The designers duo have aimed at a sinuous silhouette that is evocative of 60s design and which enhances the manufacturing excellence of the brand. Draga & Aurel drew inspiration from the world of fashion. Hence, Aurora’s frame recalls the sculptural profiles of some female sandals, and the extremely elegant folds and weaves in supple leather resemble some of the most stylish and sophisticated haute couture creations.

The great value of Aurora lies in the engineering of its solid wood structure, which has resulted from the designers’ successful work with Opera Contemporary’s internal research and development team. This has given life to a substantial product with a delicate and slender appearance. After identifying the perfect aesthetic code for the lounge chair, the company and the designers were then able to choose the ideal technology to realise this design. 

dynamic effect is conveyed by the tapering of the sections of the wood and in the extreme elongation of the legs, highlighted by the metal profiling: a product with strong innovative content, refined padding and upholstery. Aurora effectively communicates the values ​​of Opera Contemporary: craftsmanship, a prestigious cabinet-making tradition, attention to detailsartorial attitude, and investment in new production technologies.