Black bedrooms that embody sophistication

Surprisingly, it can feel soothing to enter a bedroom that’s designed around a dark colour palette. While the rest of the house is awash in vivid hues or soft neutrals, striking black shades are the perfect backdrop for a good night’s rest; they are the ideal choice for a bedroom decor scheme that embodies timeless sophistication. Opera Contemporary’s Bedroom Collections feature sleek complements in sombre tones, distinguished by a modern elegance that will transform any bedroom into a glamorous one.


The Desiré Collection is characterised by pieces in Wenge, an exotic inky type of wood that gives a strong personality to the interior. With rounded edges and gentle curves, achieved thanks to expert craftsmanship using only high-quality materials, the bedside table will add a touch of smooth poise and midnight charm to the bedroom. In every refined bedroom, it is essential to have a chest of drawers that adds some functional character to the boudoir. 


The brass accents of the tips and handles catch the light and add that extra dose of mystique, whilst carved wood sides bring depth to the piece. The dresser table is an all-rounder that steals the show in the bedroom as a vanity set, and in other areas of the home as an elegant writing desk.


The distinctive pantographic work that has become something of a trademark of Opera Contemporary comes alive in the Dimitri Collection, a beautiful addition to any bedroom. A textured finish featuring a perfectly ridged design embellishes the drawer fronts of the various pieces that make up this modern night collection, which brings a hint of magic to the decor. The elegant ash wood in an ebony shade is enriched with metallic accents dipped in brass, to create an eye-catching cohesive element in the bedroom.


The pieces range from dainty bedside tables to an imposing chest of drawers, whose design is reminiscent of old-world glamour and allure. The dressing table, with useful drawers for everyday essentials, boasts a luxurious brown marble top, which expresses an undeniable sense of intrigue to the piece. The dark wood finish of the Desiré and Dimitri Bedroom Collections brings a seductive feeling of luxury to any scheme.