The importance of furnishing accessories should never be underestimated, as sometimes even the smallest pieces can make a big difference – and in all sorts of ways. Coffee tables, also called side tables, are complements that may not be someone’s first thought when furnishing a living area, but they can give that extra touch and really unify a living room. A purely aesthetic choice may be dictated by the desire to tie everything to the same decor, or to give a decisive accent that contrasts with the environment. We have rounded up four distinctive pieces designed by Castello Lagravinese Studio.




Used alone, or paired with another coffee table of a smaller size and different coloured top, the New Brian tables are stunning contemporary pieces that add a touch of glamour to any space. Their spheres of precious marble seem almost suspended in mid-air, thanks to a linear, light and elegant metal structure, that will enhance the style of the living area.




The sophisticated Ludmilla tables are much more than just accompaniments to the upholstery. These functional sculptures have a gold metal base that supports a richly patterned Calacatta Oro Vagli  Marble tabletop, whose natural veining harmonises with virtually any colour palette and gives the living space a decisive accent.




Arguably the most convenient position for a coffee table, for reasons of both space and comfort, is just next to us. The shape, height and width of the top are all aspects that should be considered when choosing the right complement. Raoul’s slender oval shape and rounded edges enable it to fit conveniently between two sofas, and the luxurious Magic Brown marble top and the matt dark bronze metallic finishes bring an irresistible appeal to any living area.




Different shapes and materials interlock in the Gabriel side tables. A sculptural piece with a bold contrast of textures between the marble top and the cylindrical brass base. This is another little gem from Opera Contemporary’s furnishing complement range, produced using only carefully selected materials, combined with outstanding Italian creative craftsmanship.


The space par excellence for relaxing and entertaining, the living room is where personal taste finds its highest expression through the inspired choice of complements. The coffee table has come a long way since its heyday as a mere beverage rest, and today, finding the right style is more important than ever. Placed alongside a refined sofa, or topped with an elegant tea or coffee set, Opera Contemporary’s small tables add a functional flair that creates a unifying thread with the rest of the decor.