Ferdinand, a flexible modular sofa that reflects each individuality

Modular seating systems are the ideal choice for those who like variety, expressed through the contemporary and adaptable nature of their upholstered modules. Tasteful and functional, the Ferdinand sofa starts with linear elements, which can be combined to form all sorts of configurations that reveal Opera Contemporary’s unique identity and aesthetic codes.


Ferdinand’s strong points are its angularity and simplicity, enriched with exquisite tailoring elements. The sofa stands out with a sense of lightness accentuated by the essential design of its slender metal legs; together with the original triangular design of the armrests and the diamond pattern of the bolster back cushions, this is the distinctive element of the range. The well-balanced system encourages the creation of ever-new compositions, 20 to be precise, from a two or three-seater sofa, to an elegant modular island, to a curvy corner sofa. 


Ferdinand can be custom-made with over 140 fabrics, ranging from leathers and nubuck to prints, linens and velvets, creating a truly individual padded piece for your living space. The sofa encapsulates a cosmopolitan and contemporary vision that combines the desire and necessity of easy adaptation to the changes of modern life with fresh and alluring furnishing options that reflect a unique personal style.