The bedside tables, also known as nightstandsnight tables, or bedside cabinets, they have been a centrepiece of bedroom layouts for hundreds of years. Born in France at the beginning of the eighteenth century, they were originally of a larger size, for storing household linen in the corridor. Only later did they gradually become daintier, and used exclusively for the bedroom. 



The Victor one-drawer bedside table boasts a captivating 3D diamond-patterned motif carved into solid wood – a testament to the high-level mastery that distinguishes our lovingly executed furnishings. The same striking geometric workmanship can be seen in other pieces of the collection, making them ideal companions in creating a total look.



Different materials can add that extra textural note to the bedroom, or even to a living room or an entrance hall. The Gaston bedside table’s round silhouette in dark stained wood, with luxurious marble and a sculptural metal support, is echoed by the metal handle logo – undoubtedly making it a statement piece in any room it occupies.



With its dark-toned allure and smooth edges, the Desiré bedside table’s compact size ensures practicality whilst also providing ample storage space for night-time essentials. The high-quality Wenge wood is brightened by cool brass accents that add an extra dash of glamour to the bedroom interior scheme, rather than being solely functional.



With its enchanting wavy design in solid oak, the Elettra nightstand has two drawers, each of which has been decorated with an angular solid brass handle. This metal detail is echoed in the feet, to create a visual effect that unifies the piece.


Much more than just serving a functional purpose, modern bedside tables are increasingly becoming a decorative fixture in bedroom design. The materiality and sculptural quality of these small but mighty pieces is largely dictated by the room they will inhabit; therefore, Opera Contemporary offers a diverse range of bedside tables in many different shapessizes and finishes, with the added bonus of a personal touch to make one’s dream come true.