The refinement of matelassé quilting

Precious matelassé quilting in diamond-shaped geometric patterns enhances the coverings of countless seating elements and décor complements by Opera Contemporary.

This elegant geometric texture is also extremely versatile and contemporary, thanks to the type of workmanship, where the stitching joins multiple layers of fabric to form a padded material that augments the volume of surfaces, while generating the play of lights and shadows that adds new spatial quality to the settings envisioned by the brand.

From the living area to the nighttime zone, Opera Contemporary has been able to insert this workmanship in many furnishings, creating an ideal dialogue among the parts while formulating perfectly coordinated habitat proposals. This precious material detail has been applied to a wide range of products created by the maison, adapting with ease to different contexts. These iconic pieces include the backs of the Cosmo and Sophie seating.

Finally, so as not to lose sight of the raw material, wood, on which the company is based, Opera Contemporary has managed to reproduce this refined pattern on furniture in solid wood, highlighting the extraordinary craftsmanship that has always set the brand apart.