Launching Opera News 2020

The new proposals by Opera Contemporary remain true to the roots of the brand and its peerless expertise in woodworking, between contemporary sensitivity and traditional craftsmanship. From the process of stylistic evolution guided by Bestetti Associati stems “Opera News”, a project that highlights the brand’s skills in creating exclusive furnishings enhanced by extraordinary attention to detail.

An elegantly upholstered seating system enhanced by essential profiles, soft padded cushions and precious material details. The New Cosmo collection comprises an armchair and sofa (available in different configurations) which reveal in the external structure the expertise of the brand in woodworking, an ability that draws on the traditional Italian craftsmanship in cabinet-making and presents it with a new contemporary take.

The L-shaped structure of the sofa, originally in metal, is replaced by solid wood, with a triangular section profile, which renews the appeal of the collection. The sleek metal feet create a harmonious contrast with the warmth of the wood and support the enveloping profiles of the seats.

An architectural appeal pervades all the pieces of the collection to create contemporary interior proposals of refined beauty. Spaces where tradition and innovation blend seamlessly. 

The New Cosmo is an extremely versatile piece, available in different material combinations. The wooden structure is available in 4 different finishes that blend with the wide selection of fabrics for the upholstery and the sophisticated metallic finishes of the feet.

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