New retail concept for Opera Contemporary

The restyling process led by Bestetti Associati includes the creation of a new retail concept to be implemented in stores and corners to be inaugurated to strengthen Opera Contemporary’s exclusive identity and increase the brand awareness. The result is a new project that can be customized according to the needs and characteristics of the market, a project that develops exclusive environments representing the main functional areas of the home

A distinctive and elegant stylistic language enhances the brand’s sensitivity in mixing collections and products to decline current trends in its corners. The rooms are distinguished by sophisticated architectural elements including a metallic screen and a wallpaper, both decorated with the Opera Contemporary logo. Metallic panels and wood panelling also create an essential atmosphere and tell the versatility of the brand in the combination of different materials.

With the aim of offering a distinctive total look, Opera Contemporary focuses on a selection of accessories with great personality: the carpets, made ad hoc by Bestetti Associati, and the wall lamps that blend in with the brand’s sartorial atmospheres.