Sleep luxuriously: in the bedroom of your dream

The most personal space in the house, the bedroom is a private refuge from the strains of everyday life, a place for escaping to and recuperating one’s energy. The beds in the Opera Contemporary collection are welcomingwarm and sensuous – by incorporating richartfully crafted materialsplenty of texture for a snug feeling, and the occasional burst of colour, the brand has created a polished, contemporary aesthetic where the bed becomes the centrepiece of your sleeping area.



The latest offering conceived by Castello Lagravinese Studio, the Alba bed showcases Opera Contemporary’s expertise. Its double headboard is created by the overlapping of a wooden frame with soft braided leather cords running vertically, and an upholstered headboard. The organic, balanced proportions of the bed and the sense of lightness conveyed by the original design offer the ultimate in comfortauthenticity and elegance.



Elegant and soft to the touch, the Sheila bed takes pride of place in the bedroom. It features a padded double headboard that will make you feel pampered and adds extra layers of style. The mix of different types of fabrics and a satin gold metal base is a clever way of using contrasting textures to create a seductive look in the sleeping area.



The Janet bed exudes grace and timeless beauty. Its attention to detail brings a sense of sophistication to a simple yet effective design that demonstrates the brand’s sartorial prowess. The headboard is embellished with a velvet diamond quilting and rounded corners offer a feeling of intimacy, while the base reveals warm metal accents. The bed is available in different fabrics or leathers, and two sizes.



Opera Contemporary’s characteristic geometric effects are applied to the sumptuous quilted headboard of the Dorothy bed, here shown in a smooth pearl-grey nabuk leather. Supported by a linear bed frame elevated by slender metal feet for a dynamic effect, it gives the impression of floating in mid-air, almost like sleeping on a soft bed of clouds, for a totally relaxing experience.


Opera Contemporary creates a dream bedroom for discerning sleepers by exploring new ways of living in this private space, where the essence of wood and the combination of soft natural materials with refined fabrics convey emotionstransmit a taste for beauty, and tell stories about excellence and passion. Get inspired by our suggestions for designing your own exclusive boudoir.