The new advertising campaign

Opera Contemporary is delighted to announce the launch of the new advertising visual campaign, photographed by Matteo Imbriani, and celebrating the debut piece of the 2021 collection.

The showpiece is Aurora, the novel lounge chair and ottoman born from the imaginative flair of Draga & Aurel. Aurora, a new dawn, also symbolises a significant change and new beginning in the evolution of Opera Contemporary as a company.

A strong architectural component defines the space and Aurora’s sculptural silhouette, in a balanced game of contrasts. The piece’s eye-catching presence is defined through a light and minimal stroke which enhances the intrinsic preciousness of the natural materials; this embodies the artistic genius of the designers and the manufacturer’s fine expertise and attention to detail, revealing a perfect balance between craftsmanship and industrial innovation. The new 2021 communication campaign narrates the evolution of Opera Contemporary towards an increasingly distinctive positioning.