Turning a house into a home with luxury furniture complements

In most homes, it’s the accessories that make the difference. Atmosphere is everything where these items are concerned, and it is precisely for this reason that interior designers use such additions to create a show stopping look and add the perfect finishing touch to a décor scheme. Opera Contemporary’s collection of accessories offers a wide selection of fine materials and finishes to choose from.



The fascinating combination of the rounded edges of the recessed marble top and the clean geometries of the sleek metal structure certainly makes an impact. Available in two heights, and with a metal frame covered in leather, the Isabel console is ideal for functional yet stylish spaces.



Castello Lagravinese Studio has created these ultra-contemporary pedestals, completely covered in bronzed mirror with a brushed brass-coloured band running across them. These are practical shelves for displaying precious objects and, at the same time, decorative pieces that give a touch of class to every room of the house. Perfect for illuminating a corner, or to create a focal point for a work of art. 



A wild card among the Opera Contemporary complements, the Mascha screen is equally at home in very different spaces: it can create partitions in the living room or bring privacy to the bedroom. Three oval-shaped panels, framed by an exquisitely finished metal structure, convey a modern yet timeless charm. A fine harmony between traditional craftsmanship and innovative design.


Good interior design is all about balance, and the principle remains the same even when just looking at accessories. These are designed to be interesting to look at, and they also cement a style or mood in a room. Additionally, they can act as convenient elements that make everyday life more comfortable and sophisticated. Transform your home without compromising on style, with Opera Contemporary’s design accessories.