How to furnish the house in contemporary style

How to furnish the house in contemporary style

In recent weeks we have had several opportunities to talk about contemporary-style interior design, both by offering some tips for making a successful project and by explaining, in more detail, what the characteristics of this particular type of interior design are.

Finally, we devoted an interesting in-depth look at furnishing the living area with contemporary-style furniture and accessories, including some visual suggestions from the beautiful catalogs of Opera Contemporary.

Instead, in today’s article we will focus on the concept of Contemporary Interior Design comestile “threshold,” that is, placed between what is considered classical and what is unanimously considered modern. While, in fact, it is almost impossible for contemporary furniture to be interpreted as classic, on the other hand it often happens that this style is confused with modern – despite the fact that they are different currents in aesthetics and driven by quite different philosophies and principles.

That’s why it’s important to premise that contemporary-style interior design, while by its nature permeated with modern suggestions, is by no means equivalent to modern style: instead, it should be considered an ensemble of pieces inspired by the current lifestyle, that is, referring to this precise historical moment and the evolution of living spaces that we are now witnessing.

Its inspirational characteristics are and remain functionality, convenience of use, and, above all, timelessness of aesthetics: this means that a contemporary-style piece can never be pigeonholed into either the classical or modern style, because it is as much disconnected from the past as it is from modernity in the strict sense.

Ultimately, we are dealing with a style in itinere by definition, inspired by the here and now, which, for obvious reasons, is a concept in constant motion.

Having clarified this important aspect, let us imagine contemporary style as an entity that slides on a straight line between classical and modern, placing itself in the middle or pushing through, at times, towards one or the other direction: in this way we will be able to distinguish between contemporary but sourced and inspired furniture pieces from the classical style and furniture and accessories that draw instead ” lymph” from the modern style

These are the two souls of contemporary interior design.

Classically inspired contemporary style furniture

There are contexts in which the characteristics of classical furniture go to be the main inspiration in the design of furniture elements, even when they are to be contemporary in style.

Let’s imagine, for example. a living area or conversation corner, a space in front of the fireplace or simply a dining room that, wanting to return an image of opulent welcome, takes up and reworks according to a more current vision some details of the furniture of the past: the sumptuousness of volumes, the luxury of upholstery, the preciousness of materials, the royalty of colors.

What we have just illustrated is one of the many ways in which contemporary-style furniture can express itself through reference to design elements that we trace back to a classical idea.

Whatever the piece to be created, in contemporary-style furniture that takes inspiration of classical expression we will almost certainly find impressive forms and great richness of detail-for example, in the workmanship or in the combination of color and materials. At the same time, the hallmark of these furnishings will always reside in a greater visual lightness, the result of a more schematic and linear-and sometimes even “cleaned-up”-conceptualization of pieces that are to be placed in present-day settings.

Opera ContemporaryAngelo Cappellini‘s brand dedicated exclusively to Contemporary Interior Design-interprets this particular style current in a multiplicity of luxurious furnishings with timeless aesthetics, carefully designed to tell the story of different incarnations of contemporary style.

These include the Butterfly collection, which, in the living area, proves to be the epitome of a decisive and intelligent restyling of the constructs of classic furniture: in fact, only the precious capitonné workmanship of the back of the armchairs and the general appeal of the forms remain unchanged.

Butterfly armchairs are evocative, especially in this setting with its marble, almost geometric aesthetic: their sinuous butterfly-inspired silhouette is married to soft upholstery and refined contours, for a concept of exclusive comfort free of any passing trends.

Equally inspired by classic furniture but perfectly capable of reinterpreting it in contemporary style is also the Edgar table, signed for Opera Contemporary by Castello Lagravinese Studio: to the impressive solid wood base characterized by an imprinting that is certainly retro, but cleansed of superfluous details, so to speak, is associated with a wenge finish combined with the brushed brass of the floor metal plate.

The result is a textural and color combination of extreme elegance, not surprisingly popular in the design of many contemporary-style dining rooms.

Modern style inspired furniture

When the pendulum swings toward tomorrow rather than the interior design interpretations of the past, contemporary style takes a modern inspiration instead.

Different from what has been illustrated so far, we are no longer faced with a denuding of details and pageantry perceived as no longer current, but with the reverse approach: the modern furniture element by definition is now enriched and embellished in its lines, too often perceived as algid and excessively minimalist.

Again, Opera Contemporary also masterfully declines this philosophy of Contemporary Interior Design in numerous pieces of furniture intended for different rooms in the home.

the first example is the living area, where the eyes immediately focus on the on the graceful modularity of the Ferdinand sofa: sinuous and curvilinear, this elegant piece by Castello Lagravinese Studio is characterized by its cozy yet minimalist volumes, cleverly enhanced by simple, characterizing features such as the armrest, which is shown angled. This is not a random choice: in fact, the degree of comfort for the user is further implemented by the presence of a special cushion.

Supported by metal feet in brass finish, the Ferdinand sofa is the graceful protagonist of convivial and relaxing spaces and gives the entire environment a highly actual identity, thanks to the contemporary development of module shapes and sizes: no longer limited to squares and linearity but, on the opposite, free in their curved and rounded forms.

Moving instead to the sleeping area, the perfect synergy between modernism and contemporaneity embodied by Opera Contemporary branded furniture solutions is told by the Dorothy bed, again signed for the brand by Castello Lagravinese Studio.

The current design of this piece does not transcend from an understated yet vibrant vitality, well illustrated by the rigorous and light design that comes to life in the upholstered headboard embellished with light stitching.

The linearity of geometric effects created by this workmanship moves hand in hand with a uniform aesthetic and at the same time soft, gentle: the Dorothy’s minimalist structure recalls in every way the most modern collections, but the fine workmanship and the presence of luxurious details – such as the brushed brass feet – enrich the model.

Valuable and particularly accurate is also the choice of the color of the Nubuck upholstery: the warm and seductive tones of burgundy are, after all, perfect for giving additional warmth to the most private spaces of the house.

Opera Contemporary: Italian craftsmanship for signature contemporary furniture

Opera Contemporary designs and implements contemporary style spaces characterized by a timeless beauty yet incredibly anchored in the living needs of today’s lifestyle: elegant and striking, strongly expressive and with great character, the brand’s furniture elements are the result of absolute craftsmanship and an understanding of the true essence of interior design.

Thanks to the solid partnerships developed over the years with world-renowned design studios and to the constant creative innovation of its designers, Opera Contemporary is not limited to offering catalogs of luxurious contemporary furnishings capable of inspiring with their visual and multisensory storytelling, but also meets the style and function needs of any space.

Ask for consultation from our specialists for your contemporary style interior design project.